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Recruitment Overview
Longleys is the best work decision I
have ever made
The best driver
deal in Canterbury!
Fixed shift patterns
Fair treatment
No vehicle rent
Excellent earnings
Busy circuit
Happy drivers
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Longleys is Canterbury’s largest Private Hire operator with 50 years’ experience of delivering outstanding customer service throughout Canterbury and beyond.

We are currently seeking hard-working individuals to join our busy team of professional drivers. This is a self-employed position, with the opportunity for an individual with the right work ethic to take home upwards of £600 per week. You will be courteous, considerate and have a natural flair for customer service. A great sense of humour is also essential! We don’t like working with pessimistic types, and have no time for petty politics and egos!

Interested? Email an updated CV and covering letter to
Please make sure you include the contact details of two referees.

Looking for a fresh challenge?

We’re a great team that loves what we do. We only work with others who love what they do, too. Even though we are very successful, we don’t hire just for the sake of it; we hire the best people, then we trust them. That’s why we have the best reputation in the Canterbury area.

I've been working with Longleys since 2011 and have been very happy, they genuinely care for you and want you to do well!
Becoming a Longleys cab driver – in a nutshell!
We provide you with a vehicle to work in when on shift that is fully insured, fuelled and licensed. We pay to maintain it and even to clean it! Our circuit is completely equal, with fair job allocation to the nearest car.

You tell us when you are available to provide a service, and we make sure that your availability suits our customer demand.

All fares are split 60/40 in the favour of the company, and you keep 100% of your tips. We never withhold money from our drivers as a result of offering credit to our customers - it's just not very nice. Our drivers stay with us because we are awesome to work with, not because we owe them money!

Fixed shift patterns
Fair treatment
No vehicle rent
Excellent earnings
Positive working environment
Happy drivers
I chose Longleys over the other taxi and private hire companies in Canterbury – it was a real ‘no brainer’!

Do I need experience?

You do not necessarily need experience of driving a Private Hire vehicle. If you are enthusiastic, reliable, have a good knowledge of Canterbury and speak conversational English, you are welcome to apply to offer your services. You will need a Private Hire Licence issued by Canterbury City Council (01227 862000 – ask for taxi licensing). Applicants must have lived or worked in the Canterbury area for at least 12 months.

How much income can I generate?

The answer to this is completely in your hands. The more bookings you complete, the more income you will generate. We have a huge customer base and lots of bookings, but to make the most of it you will need to make yourself available to take the bookings offered to you.

Will I be paid cash for every journey?

Cash flow will be really important to you as a self-employed driver. There are two types of bookings – cash and account. Account customers are billed directly by the company and do not pay at the end of each journey, but we make sure our drivers are reimbursed fully at the end of each day. Cash fares are collected by drivers at the end of the journey. We split the fare 60/40. As a driver with Longleys, you are entitled to 40% of both cash and account fares.

Will I be self-employed?

Yes. All Longleys drivers are self-employed and are responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

Do I have to work set shifts?

You decide when to offer your services to the company. We will help you plan your availability according to the vehicles available and to help you match your income expectations to our customer demand. We like our drivers to exceed their expectations, while still maintaining a positive work/life balance. Happy drivers are more productive.

Do I pay for my own fuel?

No. The 60/40 split takes care of all running costs associated with the vehicle. We fuel, maintain and clean the vehicles. The licence and insurance for the vehicle is also provided. Vehicles are not available for non-business mileage and we do not ‘rent’ vehicles to drivers when they are not providing a service to the company.

Is there anything else I should consider before applying? Yes. Please consider the following before applying. We will ask you!

  • How much income you expect to generate.
  • How many hours you will be available to offer your services.
  • External commitments (Family, Hobbies etc) that may affect your availability.
  • Could you commit availability during peak hours? Early Mornings, Nights, Weekends.

What do I need to become a driver?

    • Valid Private Hire licence issued by Canterbury City Council.
    • 2 forms of Photo Identification.
    • Proof of address – Utility Bill etc.
    • Pass our driving assessment.
    • Lodge a security deposit with us for the duration of your service.